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2017 Chicago Hawks Fall Tryout/Evaluations

Player Registration

Welcome to the 2017 Fall Tryout/Evaluation Registration with the Chicago Hawks Hockey Club!

Chicago Hawks Girls and Midget U15, U16, 18 tryouts take place August 15 through August 20.  Squirt through Bantam Tryouts/Evaluations start Thursday, September 1. Like last year, they will be by birth year the first night. It is important to note that not all teams are by birth year but some will be still be selected by ability. We reserve the right to form teams and place players in an environment where we feel they will development both on and off the ice.  After the first night of tryouts, we will send an email out to inform your player which Group to attend for the next session.  This list will contain the first nine digits of your players USA hockey number without the letters at the end and the group that he/she should attend. Please see the tryout schedule online.

While we try to place all players on teams, we do not guarantee that your player will make his/her desired team. They may be placed at a lower level that we feel is better suited for their skill level. As an example, a player trying out for a NIHL team may be placed on a NWHL team or a player trying out for a NWHL team may be placed on our in house team.

This module will only be for the tryouts/evaluations.  NWHL teams are a first come, first served basis for filling rosters. A player's position in line for these rosters will be determined by the time stamp and order number in the event we have more NWHL registered players than positions available. If a player tries out for NIHL or CS, but does not make a team, they will be placed in line for the NWHL rosters based on the overall order number and time stamp of your initial registration.

In this module you will only be charged for the Tryout/Evaluation.  Please see the separate registrations for conditioning on the Hawks Home page.  Once your player has been assigned a team, there will be a separate module to complete the season payments.

USA Hockey Requirement

Each Player must register first with USA Hockey and then return to this Registration Session to signup for the 2017-2018 Season.

  • Step 1:  CLICK HERE to go to USA Hockey Registration and register your player(s). Be sure to PRINT and SAVE their confirmation code(s). Remember to register EACH of your players with USA Hockey. Each player must have their own unique USA Hockey confirmation number.
  • Step 2:  Return to this registration and proceed. Later in this registration session you will need to enter the USA Hockey Confirmation Code that you received in Step 1.

2017 Chicago Hawks Tryout Schedule

Date Day Start Time End Time Surface Group
8/15-8/15 Tuesday 6:40PM 7:40PM Campbell Girls U10
8/16-8/16 Wednesday 7:00PM 8:00PM Wales Girls U10
8/15-8/15 Tuesday 7:00PM 8:00PM Wales Girls U12
8/16-8/16 Wednesday 7:20PM 8:20PM Campbell Girls U12
8/17-8/17 Thursday 7:00 PM 8:10 PM Campbell Midgets U15/U16
8/19-8/19 Saturday 9:00AM 10:10AM Campbell Midgets U15/U16
8/19-8/19 Saturday 3:10PM 4:20PM Campbell Midgets U15/U16
8/20-8/20 Sunday 9:00AM 10:10AM Campbell Midgets U15/U16
8/17-8/17 Thursday 8:20 PM 9:30 PM Campbell Midgets U18
8/19-8/19 Saturday 10:20AM 11:30AM Campbell Midgets U18
8/19-8/19 Saturday 4:30PM 5:40PM Campbell Midgets U18
8/20-8/20 Sunday 10:20AM 11:30AM Campbell Midget U18
9/1-9/1 Friday 5:50PM 6:50PM Wales 2008
9/1-9/1 Friday 6:10PM 7:10PM Campbell 2007
9/2-9/2 Saturday 10:00AM 11:00AM Campbell Squirt group 3
9/2-9/2 Saturday 11:10AM 12:10PM Campbell Squirt group 2
9/2-9/2 Saturday 12:20PM 1:20PM Campbell Squirt group 1
9/3-9/3 Sunday 9:00AM 10:00AM Campbell Squirt group 3
9/3-9/3 Sunday 10:10AM 11:10AM Campbell Squirt group 2
9/3-9/3 Sunday 11:20AM 12:20PM Campbell Squirt group 1
9/9-9/9 Saturday 8:20AM 9:30AM Norris NWHL Squirt
9/10-9/10 Sunday 9:00AM 10:10AM Wales NWHL Squirt
9/1-9/1 Friday 7:00PM 8:10PM Wales 2006
9/1-9/1 Friday 7:20PM 8:30PM Campbell 2005
9/2-9/2 Saturday 10:20AM 11:30AM Wales PeeWee group 3
9/2-9/2 Saturday 11:40AM 12:50PM Wales PeeWee group 2
9/2-9/2 Saturday 1:00PM 2:10PM Wales PeeWee group 1
9/3-9/3 Sunday 9:20 AM 10:30 AM Wales PeeWee group 3
9/3-9/3 Sunday 10:40AM 11:50AM Wales PeeWee group 2
9/3-9/3 Sunday 12:00PM 1:10PM Wales PeeWee group 1
9/9-9/9 Saturday 9:40AM 10:50AM Norris NWHL PeeWee
9/10-9/10 Sunday 10:20AM 11:30AM Wales NWHL PeeWee
9/1-9/1 Friday 8:20PM 9:30PM Wales 2004
9/1-9/1 Friday 8:40PM 9:50PM Campbell 2003
9/2-9/2 Saturday 1:30PM 2:40PM Campbell 2004
9/2-9/2 Saturday 2:20PM 3:30PM Wales 2003
9/3-9/3 Sunday 9:30AM 10:40AM Norris Bantam group 3
9/3-9/3 Sunday 10:50AM 12:00PM Norris Bantam group 2
9/3-9/3 Sunday 12:10PM 1:20PM Norris Bantam group 1

2017 Fall Fees

Squirt U10 Tryout fee: $195.00 .Goalie: $97.50 Evaluation fee: $150.00 . Goalie: $75
NIHL fee: NWHL fee:
Regular: $3,875.00/Skaters and $1,935/goalies $3,395.00/Skaters and $1,695/goalies
CSDHL fee:
$4125.00/Skaters and $2,060.00/goalies
Peewee U12 Tryout fee: $195.00 .Goalie: $97.50 Evaluation fee: $150.00 . Goalie: $75
NIHL fee: NWHL fee:
Regular: $3975.00/skaters and $1,985.00/goalies $3,395.00/Skaters and $1,695/goalies
CSDHL fee:
$4225.00/skaters and $2,110.00/goalies
Bantam U14 Tryout fee: $195.00 .Goalie: $97.50 N/A
NIHL fee:
$4,175.00/Skaters and $2,085.00/Goalies
$4,475.00/skaters and $2,235.00/goalies
Midget U15, U16, U18 Tryout fee: $195.00 .Goalie: $97.50 N/A
CSDHL fee:
$5,100.00/Skaters and $2,550.00/Goalies
Girls U10, U12 Tryout fee: $95.00 .Goalie: $45.00 N/A
$3550.00/Skaters and $1775.00/Goalies


If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact: 

Todd Lipinski


If you have any questions regarding our programs, please contact:

Rob Newburg

Program Inquiries

Thank you for your participation with the Chicago Hawks Hockey Club!