Chicago Hawks Hockey Club

2022-23 Jersey Purchase Payment



We offer players the option of reusing their current jerseys OR purchasing a new set.   This change reduces waste and ensures that players have their full uniforms earlier in the season.   Season fees will still cover the cost of game socks, pant shells, and a warmup jacket and pants.  Midgets receive a wool dress coat in lieu of warmups.   All players must attend a fitting date at which time they will order the 2022-23 season apparel package.  A new set of jerseys is $220 for the 2022-2023 season.  


Refunds will only be provided for jersey purchases of players who have not been OFFERED a roster spot within the Chicago Hawks Hockey Club and any of its affiliate programs including, but not limited to, the Girls and Phantoms programs.


All jersey number conflicts will continue to be resolved in favor of the longest-tenured player with the most consecutive years in the Club.  In the event two or more players with the same number are placed on the same team, the player(s) with less longevity will be required to change their number. Depending on the numbered jerseys the Club has in stock, a player may incur the cost of an additional set of jerseys.  All new players to the Club, including first-year mites, will be assigned a number based on availability and numbers already in use. Mites will be allowed to choose a number when they enter the Chicago Hawks program, their first squirt year. 


This registration is simply to collect payments for players choosing to purchase a new jersey(s).   You will need your player's USA Hockey # and payment method (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, ACH).



Please direct questions to:

Erin Blanco

Equipment Manager