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      Due to a problem with our apparel vendor, we have not yet received our apparel package for this season.

      Turnaround on apparel is challenging.  AHAI imposes restrictions on how early tryouts can be held and tournament season starts very shortly after tryouts.  As a result, the Club is always looking for venders with creative ways to deliver our apparel package as soon as possible.    

      This year the Club started working with various apparel vendors in May.  We selected a local vendor that planned to secure a large number of the jerseys in various sizes and put the Hawks crest on them in advance of tryouts, leaving a small amount of work (i.e., numbers and nameplates) when teams were selected.  

      We contacted the vendor immediately following team selections with our final team information.  The apparel vendor assured us that the order would be "in hand" in time for the early season tournaments and commencement of league schedules.  Obviously that has not taken place.  At the point it became apparent to us that the apparel vendor was not going to meet the agreed upon date, we began exploring all options, including changing vendors.  Every vendor we contacted required 8-10 weeks to essentially start over.  It became apparent that our best option was to work with the current vendor to complete the process. 

      Currently, we are following up with the vendor daily and are making progress, albeit not as quickly as we would like.  Midget jerseys are completed.  The vendor has now shifted their focus to Bantam jerseys.  From that point, jerseys will be completed and handed out to Peewees, Squirts, Mites and Girls.  The apparel vendor has now advised us that all jerseys will be completed by the first week of November. 

      Also, please note that this apparel vendor is also working with other area clubs who are in the same position and have not received their apparel packages.    

      To say this has been a difficult process is an understatement.  Many people have invested a significant amount of time and energy to rectify the situation.  We understand that jerseys are important to the players and want to assure you that we are doing everything possible on our end to make sure they are received as soon as possible.  In the meantime, we appreciate your patience.


      The Chicago Hawks Hockey Club is in need of volunteers to assist with various duties.

      Please visit the DIBS tab on the Hawks webpage for more details and to claim volunteer slots.

      Contact: with any questions.

      Thank you for your support!

      As one of the largest youth hockey clubs in the state of Illinois, The Hawks Hockey Club is committed to the ongoing development and promotion of competitive youth amateur hockey. Located at the Darien Sportsplex in Darien IL, 451 Plainfield Rd. Darien, IL 60561.  The Chicago Hawks are focused on the advancement of youth hockey in the south/western suburbs of Chicago.

      The Chicago Hawks will be publishing a bi-monthly newsletter.